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The Online Business Opportunities Express is About to Depart! Are You On the Right Track?

You are here because you are searching for the best of online business opportunities. You’re already determined to get aboard the train to e-commerce Success by starting an online business. You do not want to be left at the station. What’s your next step?

There are many, many online business opportunities out there. You want to end up at the right place for you. Why? To be successful you will have to put a lot of yourself into earning that success. And, you want to like yourself and what you are doing when you arrive at your chosen destination.

So -- again: You need to make sure that your very hard work will get you where you want to be – and that you will enjoy yourself along the way. Like all the other lifetime achievements, there are no shortcuts to success in e-commerce. You have to be self-driven to success by your desire provide/introduce your idea, product, or service into the market place.

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Certainly you’ve heard at least some of the numerous stories of how one individual’s “idea” was turned into a modern day icon of business success. Behind the successes of FedEx, Microsoft, Ebay,, McDonalds and many others was the common force of the perseverance of the founder. Your success in online business will be achieved the same way. So – forget the “make six figure incomes overnight” hype. You can get there (and even much further) – but it will take hard work, over time. For that reason you want to make sure that your pot of gold -- and the path to “getting it” -- is a happy and rewarding experience for you, your family and loved ones, and your community.

My purpose in this article is to make sure you get on the right track before leaving the station. In the following paragraphs I’ll cover a number of online business opportunities grouped by categories. Be sure to return and complete your concluding assignment before you invest yourself and your money.* I know this will be important for you because I’ve been there myself.

My advice, evolved from my own experiences when retiring from the US Air Force and through several “transformations” since then, applies to anyone contemplating a new venture, regardless of age. I have given this same advice to my children and theirs, as well as my friends and clients. When about to embark on a new direction in your life – you have earned the time -- and luxury -- of considered reflection about what you wish to do with the rest of our life. So, it’s time to get started. And, when you have finished your initial journey, be sure to complete your assignment.**



You’re searching for the best online business opportunity for you. Your basic options (categories of online businesses) are:

· Sell your own existing or new product/service (such as starting your own business or launching a new venture from an established business)

· Sell someone else’s products/services (through a franchise or being a reseller)

· Help others sell their products/services (as a representative, referral agent, affiliate)

In my 1997 transformation from the traditional corporate environment, I looked at various alternatives to self-employment. They ranged from starting my own business (lots of risk), buying (including franchising) someone else’s business, or becoming a consultant (often used to find another job). Ultimately I chose the franchise route. I knew that meant learning (and strictly following) someone else’s established business process. Over time I came to realize that monetary success was not as important as the freedom to implement my own ideas – and see them grow into a “new” reality. That had been the common ingredient of all my past successes in lifetime. In your evaluation of online business opportunities you must assess how the elements of your own past successes will contribute. The more elements that are present the greater will be your potential for success. (Your “Take the Right First Step” lesson will walk you through this process.) *

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Here are some online business opportunities:

Sell/promote others products/services using the new MLM-Network Marketing  approach.  The new proven Network Marketing/MLM approach emphasizes relationship marketing. It can be used with any Network Marketing program. There is no selling or chasing leads.

Prospective clients come to you. This approach starts with a solid foundation of building immediate income to grow your business. You set up a solid income building foundation and learn/implement proven techniques which can be applied to any web business.

If you have an interest in finding out more about this approach, please contact us using the form below. 

NOTE from Richard: I guarantee you that this is new -- and it works.

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Sell your own products/services. Using selling your own publication as an example, you have two choices. Author your own publications or buy the rights to existing publications and sell them through traditional distribution channels (bookstores and online). Let’s first look at authoring and selling your own publication. (I highly recommend that you review Ken Evoy's "Make Your Knowledge Sell" before you embark on your own publication. If you purchase a copy you also get as a bonus a complete report on buying the right to publications authored by others.)


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If you plan to publish in hard copy, when you have completed your publication and it is ready to be printed most likely you will wish to contract with an on demand publishing service such as is provided by Trafford on Demand Publishing Service ( Trafford has its own bookstore plus cost-effective, global sales channels to make your product easily purchased. They also provide a website (linked to their bookstore). You also purchase copies (at a very affordable cost) of your product to sell/distribute yourself. As the author you retain complete control over the sale and distribution of your product. Trafford pays you a royalty for what they sell and you pocket the net from your own sales.

Trafford also supports electronic publication. If you decide your product is appropriate for electronic distribution you have some other choices including listing your product through ClickBank which has a built in affiliate network ready to promote your product (click here to see how easy it is to list your online product through ClickBank). Here is a example ClickBank listing of “Write and Publish Your Own e-Book in as Little as 7 Days

Comment; If you want to be an author and produce and distribute your own products – this is attractive route. However, once you complete your masterpiece you now have to sell it. Trafford has a number of distribution channels – but ultimately you will have to promote your publication yourself – either by personal presentations or using an online sales force of affiliates.1

Another approach is to buy to rights to books already completed. You can set up your own bookstore and have the rights to a number of books for just $49.95. Click here to review an online business opportunity at Instant Bookstores.2

If you really want to pursue eBooks as a profitable source of income, you should read Jim Edward's best selling eBook, "How to Make Massive Amounts of Money With Your Own eBook (Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)". Jim surveyed 814 of his customers and they told him what they wanted to do. So he put it all down in this book, including them how one author is making $35,000 a month with just one eBook -- and much more. (BTW, I use one of Jim's products myself and can attest that Jim delivers what he promises.)

However, to be successful in any online business you will have to master the art of developing and maintaining a website that will draw targeted visitors ready to buy your publication. Click here to find out how you can order/download the best course (free of course) on developing a website that sells your product.

Sell someone else’s products/services. There are a number of ways to do this. One is that you can become a reseller or agent for another company. A good example of this is the opportunity offered by Cognigen Networks, Inc (OTC CGNW). The company offers a number of telecommunications products – plus extensive support for free agents to sell their products online. Click here for a rundown on some of the products which an agent may offer through his own personalized website. You can review the business opportunity Cognigen offers by clicking here.

What immediately impressed me about the Cognigen program is that the company gives its agents full training and support to be a success and they understand that to be successful online an agent must pursue supported by a website that attracts targeted potential buyers already interested in the products being offered. NOTE: Cognigen also offers their agents health and life insurance programs.

Another way to sell the products/services of others is to buy a turnkey business. As in any business venture, be sure you fully understand everything about the business and what will be required before you make any financial commitment. In particular you need to understand what you will be getting for your investment. Having given my due diligence caution, let me give you a couple turnkey online business opportunities.

At Streams of Money you can purchase a ready-made affiliate program (get commissions for referring visitors to your site to a sellers website). Depending on the program you select, do have some flexibility about the programs that will be included at your site.

You can join a particularly good affiliate opportunity with the highly recommended Internet Success Associate Program. Founder Neil Shearing gives many great benefits and fees to his affiliates.

A final example of an online business opportunity at selling someone else’s products in this manner. Corey Rudl was perhaps one of the most successful personalities in online marketing. Derek Gehl assumed leadership of Corey's company after his premature death. He now markets the many products that Corey developed and other new ones.. Click here to see what Derek will pay you for pre-selling (referring folks to his products). I use his Mailloop to handle my Newsletter and email lists. I also use his eBook Pro and Mailloop software to promote my own products and services (click here for an example).(See tabs "Your 4 Steps" and "Drop Shipping" for additional information written by Corey.)

Comment: Your success in any of these online business opportunities will depend on your ability to develop and maintain a website which sells your products. You will have to master the art of developing and maintaining a website that draws targeted visitors ready to buy your products/services. To find out more about how to do this, click here to order/download the best course (free of course) on developing a website that sells.3


Click here for a video tour of this course. Sign up and get a lifetime membership in our e-learning site at


Help others sell their own products/services. Perhaps the hottest online business opportunity today is in the field of affiliate programs. The idea is that a vendor will give you a commission if you send prospect to their web site who may eventually buy a product. There are a number of variations on how you get compensated – and before you commit to any vendor, be sure you fully understand.

Comment: Once again, your success will depend on your ability to develop and maintain a website that sells (in this case, gets visitors to your site). You can learn how to have a website that draws targeted visitors ready to buy your recommended products/services. Just click here for best course (free of course) on developing a website that sells. If you think you may be interested in online business opportunities in (or currently are) selling a service, click here for a FREE 10-day Masters Course on achieving success in today's ecommerce environment.


*Wow! We’ve covered a lot of territory in a short time. It’s now time for you to find your best fit with the above categories. I’ve put together a self-paced lesson (click here) that you should complete before you make any financial commitments to an online business opportunity.


Richard Dowell
President, Best Managers on the Net®,
www.BestManagers.Net, home of My Journal©

We are a business consulting, training and development company dedicated to helping good managers and their companies prosper by reaching for the top.


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1 I am applying my recommended approaches to the sale and promotion of Larry Nachman's 21st Century Fitness program. His book has been published through Trafford. We will also promote and sell the book and other recommended fitness products through his website using PayPal and and affiliate program (click here to see my review and recommended products). The book will also be available through Barnes & Noble and (both of which have affiliate programs). Click here to see how my support of Larry's site is featured as an example of webmaster support to small businesses.

2 I have several products I now offer (e.g., see the "New Selling Rules" tab) for which I have purchased the rights to sell the product.

3 After I found out what Cognigen offered in long distance services, I switched from AT&T to their 3.9¢ plan for all my business and home phones. I also signed up for their 4.9¢ calling card service. (Click here to compare service plan rates.) I'll be saving at least $20 a month -- including the addition of a toll free number to my business -- also at the 3.9¢/minute rate.

4 I use his Mailloop to handle my order fulfillment (completely automates the product delivery for e-products) and email lists. I've also use his eBook Pro software to promote my products and services (produces ebooks only for windows PCs). In addition to the "as advertised" functionality of his products, his technical support team rivals the best I have encountered (including Dell and Microsoft). Beyond that I had a personal call from his Director of Affiliate Programs director the other day just checking on my progress and asking if I needed any help!

5 I developed this site using Ken Evoy's Site Build It! software. You can do everything Ken recommends by taking his free course. However, what you will find out that using Ken's software will save you a lot of time and money -- and you will get better results. For example, I use WebPosition Gold for search engine submission at my other sites (at a cost of $150/year). With Ken's software the search engine submission process is included -- and produces the best results I have ever achieved. And just click on Site Build It! to find out all the outstanding features included in this best-on-the-net business development software. Click here to read some success stories from real-life online entrepreneurs. Click on the Help to Business tab and track what I am doing by reading the Case Study.

For those who may wish to shortcut my recommendations, click here to take a quick look at the overview of Jim Edward's "The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business. "Click here to take the FREE Affilate Masters course or send a blank email to to take Ken Evoy's newest Masters Course on how service providers can use the Internet to promote their business.

Additional Online Business Opportunities Links:

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